ACT- Toni Kola

Toni Kola, sent from Phish and Phreak in ACT! While newish to Drag you cant tell that's for sure because this one turns it out!

Lynnduh Nation Promo.jpg

VIC- Lynnduh

From The House of Love in Melbourne  comes our Vic representative Lynnduh! Bringing quirky and fun with each show unique; Lynnduh - just Lynnduh

SA- Hollie Graffix

This is Hollies second grab at the crown since Season 2- After weeks of heats she is trying to keep the crown in Adelaide! Come through Hollie!


NSW- Bettie Blackheart


Bettie is another knock out from The Imperial Hotel- home of Priscilla, Drag and Dine and many other amazing shows! Our thanks to Ruby for carrying the torch to bring us this amazing Beauty!


NT- Prawn Cracker Spice

This Faux performer is the first to make it to the Dragnation Grand final in 5 years ! Our friends at Drag Territory in the NT really bring the diversity Dragnation inspires!


QLD- Shaniqua T-Bone

From the #QLD43 only one could be chosen, from Bebe, Tia and Maddy comes Shaniqua T-Bone. Yes - Yes she does.


TAS- Ana Thema

From the Flamily in Tasmania competing comes a star in their own!  Different, challenging and instilled with little kookiness, Ana Thema!


From The Court in WA, Scarlet Adams, with multi awards under her belt, look out for this one!

WA- Scarlet Adams


Hosts- Frock & Leasa

Leasa Mann- VIC

A fixture of the Melbourne Drag Scene- This is Leasa Manns first time hosting Dragnation; selected for her wit and fast comebacks, she will not disappoint

Frock Hudson- VIC

Bigger's better & they don't come much bigger than Frock Hudson-fearlessly flamboyant & fabulously furry-queerer alter ego of cabaret comedian Dean Arcuri.


The Judges

Kween Kong - SA - Season 4 Winner

Haus of Kong- a haus that promotes inclusion and safety for all performers in Adelaide, Kween took out last years title; won that $5K and had herself a little trip to Bali! She knows how to knock us out- and she will be watching to see who of our cast can perform also.

Vonni  - Australian Personality/Icon

Vonni has hosted, judged and supported Dragnation in several different roles over the years and her presence in the Australian scene spans a few decades! This qualifies her to judge our truly diverse cast this year to see who has it!


Misty Del Ray TAS- Miss Gay 2019

She won Miss Gay 2019 and she has- in 2 seasons of Dragnation taken home viewers choice, Annnnddd Came equal second runner up last season.

Misty has been there and done it- she may look all nice and refined and innocent, but really she aint no angel.


We have saved the best for last!


Surprise Judge