Enter Dragnation Season 5
A. DRAGNATION is an Australian wide search for the best national Drag Performer. It seeks to promote a Drag performer every year and provide them an unforgettable experience and opportunity to travel around Australia and show the country what they do and how effing good they are at it!
Q. How many entrants are there going to be?
A. In the Past Dragnation has allowed only 1 performer per state- this season duo acts will be accepted, however the prize is singular and not doubled in the event a duo wins and the major prize is split between the two parties.
Q. Is DRAGNATION for professionals or amateurs?
A. The competition is open to Drag performers of any experience, you have to be in it to win it- and it is a learning and growth experience for even the professionals.
Q. How long on stage do I have?
A. You will be on stage for the opening number initially and then asked a few questions- where you have come from- what state you represent and some others, then you will perform your main number max 5 minutes- this includes the host asking you some questions- so your number should not exceed 5 Minutes. Then if you win you will be back on the stage for a final number.
Q. What will I be doing in the opening number?
A. The opening number will be focused on the Hosts with the entrants backing them up, simple choreography will be blocked on the 2 days and will be simple. We may be able to release a video from our Choreographer prior and send to entrants for pre-rehearsals.
Q. Can I perform with back up dancers in the competition?
A. At a state level it is up to the state organiser to allow it, although it is the preference of DRAGNATION that it be a solo performance. The final will be Solo performance- no exceptions.
Q. How many songs will I need?
A. You will need two, one for your number and potentially one for your winning performance if you win - they should be clearly labelled and on separate media.
Q. How many costumes will I need for the show?
A. You will need 3, one is for your themed look for your first photo to be submitted to us and then you are to repurpose that outfit for the joint opening number, one for your main number and potentially one for your winning performance if you win. BUT- Be prepared bring 4 in case something goes wrong.- #nipslip
Q. Can I use props?
A. Yes, be aware however- you will be responsible for the transportation and storage of the props for the final. This includes before during and after the show.
Q. How are the entrants selected?
A. State organisers produce a state representative- by either selection or heat.
Q. What do I do when I get to the final?
A. The finer details will be outlined in the performers pack released to the winners of each state. But Entrants should aim to be at the venue by 11am on the day before the final for a “Run through” and sound check. Photography will be done prior to the show starting
Q. What happens if I win the final?
A. If you win the Final Competition, you will be provided a spot at selected shows around Australia performing at the participating venues as well as the $5,000 Major prize, return flights to Bali and accommodation as well as paid gigs by Dragnation Australia, crown & sceptre  
Q. What can I take with me on the tour?
A. Yourself, wigs, music, costumes and makeup. You will be allocated 2 x 23kg checked baggage - if it fits in there- you can take it.
Q. What happens if I miss my flights on the tour?
A. DRAGNATION will liaise with you to make suitable times for flights, once these bookings are made any changes to the bookings is the responsibility of the traveller and not DRAGNATION. But things happen and only in particular circumstances- DRAGNATION reserves the right to assist where possible.
Q. What can I take with me to the final?
A. Your wigs,music, costumes and makeup and anything else you need- this should be discussed with the venue manager from where you will be coming from.
Q. Who will be hosting and judging the event?
A. DRAGNATION, to avoid providing any unfair advantage to potential performers will be sourcing judges privately. Judges will be announced closer to the date. Hosts will be revealed on or by the 30 December 2019.
Q. When will all of the state contestants be announced?
A. All performers will be released in a staggered approach on facebook and the webpage profiles page will be opened Late December 2018- make sure you have submitted your video as soon as you can!
Q. When does Online voting commence?
A. Online voting opens on 1st February 2020 and closes 3rd March 2020
Q.Can I vote for myself?
A. No, DRAGNATION reserves the right to disqualify any performer if evidence is found of vote tampering/fraud or “paid social media” campaigns or any action posing an unfair advantage to the other performers regardless of whether done physically by the performer or not. Lets be frank - keep it fair !
Q. How many times can people vote?
A. Once only- for fairness of the competition.
Q.How does the Online voting and Judges voting work?
A. Online Votes count towards the viewers Choice. Judges will vote on the night to find the winner.
Q.What format should my Video for online voting be in?
A. If you can upload it to Utube that's good enough- usually .MP4 or .AVI
Q.What is the video for?
A. The Video will be uploaded to our youtube Channel and webpage for voting, it will also be edited and played at the end of the Grand final night to showcase your journey before the winner is announced.
Q.What do the organisers get out of this?
A. The Organisers are volunteers, they get satisfaction from providing opportunities to existing & up and coming talent. If they are lucky- they may get some leftovers out of a half filled beer once a King/Queen is finished with it on the night- If they are lucky
Q.What is the Grand Final Venue layout and features?
A. This information will be released in the Entrant pack in January, however if you are keen to start planning now, a stage layout is available on the Grand Finals WebPage
Q. Is DRAGNATION affiliated with any other Australian Drag business?
A. No, DRAGNATION is an experienced enterprise. The organisers have been Co-Ordinating Drag Competitions for over 5 years in NSW and dragnation for over 6
Q. What if i have more questions?
A. Email DRAGNATION at info@dragnation.net 
Q. Do I have to fill in an Application for the state Heats ?
A. YES complete the below form and attach images of you in and out of drag